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Laptops and Cats June 3, 2014

Posted by laptoppartsexpert in Cooling Fan, LCD.

In an earlier post I mentioned my unfortunate encounter fixing a friends desktop computer. He had two cats in his apartment, I was allergic and there was a lot of cat hair inside the desktop. Today I thought I would discuss cats and laptops.

Like many pets, cats love warmth so they naturally gravitate toward laptops which generate heat through the CPU and memory. Laptops can get very hot when they are left on. Often, when the laptop is left unsupervised, cats will sit on the keyboard causing the laptop to overheat.


Also, cat hair can get inside and clog the heatsink preventing more hot air from getting out. If you have turned off your laptop and closed it your cat can still sit on the lid and break the screen. I recommend when you are done using your laptop you store it away out of your pets reach.

If you have questions about other pet related computer issues, feel free to write me at info@laptoppartsexpert.com. You can also find laptop parts available at our website www.laptoppartsexpert.com.

Jeremy Schwaeber



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