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Is It Time For A Docking Station Or Port Replicator? December 11, 2013

Posted by laptoppartsexpert in Docking Station, Port Replicator.
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While most people buy a laptop with big plans, at least half will probably never even use their battery because the laptop will never move or get unplugged. For the rest of you, it may go everywhere you do. If you are like me, you have it plugged into everything in sight, keyboard, mouse, two monitors, bluetooth headeset, iPhone and more. Naturally, it is a big bother to disconnect when you leave the house or office. The solution for you is a docking station or port replicator.
This desktop device allows you to plug everything into it and connect those things to the laptop by a single port that the laptop mounts on. There are a limited number of laptops that manufacturers have offered docking stations or port replicators for and usually only one version for each series. They will have all the ports on your laptop and then some.
If your manufacturer did not offer a dock option, you will have to use a universal device that plugs into your USB port and offers limited port options.

If you have any other questions about docking stations or port replicators, feel free to write me at info@laptoppartsexpert.com. You can also find some of these docks for your laptop available at our website www.laptoppartsexpert.com.

Jeremy Schwaeber