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Does a New Hard Drive Come With Preinstalled Software? January 12, 2015

Posted by laptoppartsexpert in Hard Drive.
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From the few who have been fortunate not to have had a hard drive crash, I am often asked if Windows comes preinstalled on hard drives we sell. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Unless you are getting the drive straight from Dell, HP, Sony, Toshiba at $300+, you will not be getting a drive with anything preinstalled.

The reason for this is simple. There are an infinite number of options for which a drive can be set up. First, there is the partition. If you have a 500GB drive, you can create one partition for all 500GB or you can create multiple partitions for different uses. This is where you may see on your system that your program files are in your C: drive that is 200GB but your program data is in your D: drive which is 300GB. Then, there is the format. You can set up either NTFS or FAT32 as well as many others for Linux or Mac.

Finally, there are so many options for operating systems. From old Windows XP and Vista, to newer 7 and 8.1. Alternatively, you could use a Linux operating system. The very same hard drive can also go in an Apple which would need a Mac OS. The most critical issue is that while installing the OS, all the appropriate drivers are installed to make use of the hardware options for the specific model on which you are working. If you have a Sony laptop with Windows preinstalled for a Toshiba laptop, you are going to have major problems. With all the possibilities, it is impossible to offer a preloaded solution.

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Jeremy Schwaeber