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Which Netbook Should I Get? May 6, 2009

Posted by laptoppartsexpert in Battery.
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Netbooks seem to have replaced the Swine Flu as the hot topic these days. I think I will get one myself in the next couple weeks. In the next few months, cell phone carriers will be offering them for very low up-front costs with mobile broadband subscriptions. The one thing I do not hear people spending significant time talking about is the importance of battery life. The whole point of getting a Netbook is ultimate portability. You can take it anywhere, it will fit inside almost any carry bag and with the right Air Card, you can connect to the Internet from nearly any location.

What I have discovered is that you have to look for a 6-cell battery at the very least when shopping for Netbooks. Many of the Asus and Acer come with them and I have even seen some with 9-cell batteries. You should be able to get at least six hours for a 6-cell battery but you are only likely to get three hours with the standard 3-cell battery and that just defeats the purpose of getting a Netbook. Email me if you find a good deal for a 6-cell or 9-cell package in Acer, Asus or Toshiba at jeremy@laptoppartsexpert.com.