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Replacing an LED Backlight July 22, 2014

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I often talk to people looking to save money that think they can replace the bulb inside their screen instead of replacing the whole screen. While it is possible to accomplish, it is not recommended. First, finding the right replacement bulb is difficult. There are few companies that offer the bulbs outside of China and too many different versions of bulbs to make sure you are getting the right one for your LCD.

Then there is the labor itself. Here is a video of the backlight replacement:

Now, here is a simple screen replacement:

In both cases, the LCD still needs to be removed so it is certainly extra labor to replace the bulb. One thing that you have to consider though is that when you disassemble the LCD, if you get any dirt inside the screen, it will reflect back when you reassemble it. My best advice is to skip the bulb replacement and just get a replacement screen.

If you have any questions on LCD screens, feel free to write me at info@laptoppartsexpert.com. You can also find LCD’s for most laptops available at our website www.laptoppartsexpert.com.

Jeremy Schwaeber



1. Neeraj Singh - November 18, 2014

Nice Article guys… as you said it happens often with people when they want to save some money…..i like it

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