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Replacement Headphone Or USB Jack December 11, 2013

Posted by laptoppartsexpert in Audio, USB.
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For those that do not treat their laptop with kid gloves, you may have broken your audio jacks, like for headphones or perhaps even your USB jacks. People call all the time looking for these jacks but unfortunately, audio and USB jacks aren’t as standardized as DC Jacks are to fix power issues. They can be mounted flat, upside down, mid-board, upright or laterally. The only way to fix this in most cases is to replace the motherboard which usually is not feasible. The one exception is when a model has a separate sub board with USB or audio jacks that can be replaced.

Examples of Sony Audio/USB boards


It is much easier and far more affordable to change out a small board like this than to replace the motherboard.

If you have any other questions about jacks, feel free to write me at info@laptoppartsexpert.com. You can also find some of these sub boards for your laptop available at our website www.laptoppartsexpert.com.

Jeremy Schwaeber