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Sony AC Adapter and Jack Issue April 29, 2009

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I got an email from a customer today that said he was returning an AC Adapter to us because it did not fit in his laptop. Well, there is only one pin size for 99.9% of all Sony models made and the part we sent matched the part number it was supposed to be. The customer told me that it was loose fitting and I realized the problem. The DC Jack was cracked. A very common problem in Sony laptops.

When you look at a Sony DC Jack, you should see a bulls-eye, in black or yellow. Here is an example of a surface mount version:Sony DC Jack front view
If you do not see this and instead see two wires sticking out or just a crack down the center, it means that the center ring is cracked and the jack need to be replaced. If it is not replaced and the adapter does not make the proper connection with the jack, you can short the board. If you need to find someone in your area that can replace the jack, we can offer you a local service center. Just email us at info@laptoppartsexpert.com. You can also find the jack for your Sony at http://www.laptoppartsexpert.com/c-43789-vaio.html


Keyboard Connector Missing April 29, 2009

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Today, we got a call about the little connector that holds down the keyboard ribbon. This is a popular call. Unfortunately, the fastener end of the connector is part of the connector soldered to the motherboard and is not sold separately.

Our only suggestion is to call our friends at Preferred Computer Parts. They do motherboard level repair and they have some of these connectors. Their phone number is 818-885-4130. Hope this helps some of you.

Battery Help April 27, 2009

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Got a call from a customer today about a problem with a battery that they received. For the unfamiliar, I should make it clear that if you ever get an extended life battery and it has an angle in it, the battery usually goes in with the extension at the bottom. It makes the laptop sit up at an angle.

It is common with Windows 2000, XP and Vista for the laptop to fail to charge the battery when you replace it. This is because Windows needs to install the new battery before it can start charging it. This means you have to remove the old one from the device manager first. This is not always the problem with a battery not charging but if you buy a new battery, this is the first thing you will want to check. For the exact device manager removal procedures, check our FAQ here:


The NEW Laptop Parts Blog April 26, 2009

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Welcome to my new blog!
I hope to bring relevant topics to you, the reader, on laptop parts and laptop repair. To start out, I will offer an amusing anecdote from a question I get at least once or twice a month.

Every once in a while, I get a customer call and say that the keyboard they received must be defective because when they type, numbers come up instead of letters. So far, it has always been the same issue. Many people don’t realize that the 10-key to the far right of a desktop keyboard is built into the smaller laptop keyboards, from U-P and down to N->. As it turns out, all these people had the Num Lock key on and were typing in numbers on purpose without knowing it. So, if this has happened to you, you are not alone.

I will try to add a new item every day. If you would like to email me a question, you can send it to me at jeremy@laptoppartsexpert.com or instant message me if you have AOL IM at LaptopPartsSales. You can also visit my website for parts at http://www.laptoppartsexpert.com. Finally, please sign up for our twitter feed here: http://twitter.com/laptopparts. I look forward to the feedback.